Hope in Action


In the outskirts of the provincial capital of Goma, the Kyeshero hospital is situated which was unveiled during the fall of 2012. The construction was financed with Norwegian aid/development grants and the project was overseen by Hope In Action.

Kyeshero is considered a big hospital with between 250 to 300 beds and several departments on the light and airy grounds. The hospital specialises in internal medicine, surgery, paediatrics and women’s health. There are currently some capacity for x-ray scans.

The hospital is open to all the citizens of Goma, and patients are often referred from other smaller hospitals and women’s centers. The idea is to provide affordable service that patients only need to pay a low fee to access.

Currently the lab, the technico-medical department with oxygen production, laundry and sanitary department are undergoing development to improve their capacity further. And cost-efficiency through the use of solar panels for the whole hospital are already being planned. Since a year back the whole operation in the lab, including lights, microscopes, centrifuges and fridges, are now run by newly installed solar panels. And currently the installation of even more solar panels for the children’s department and the incubators for newborns are being carried out.

The establishment of solar panels will hopefully mean that the hospital will be able to cover all their operating costs on their own with no external aid or donations.  All in line with Hope In Action’s vision to build sustainably and to see new societal development.  During our follow-up trips we have been able to see that both the internal and external maintenance of the hospital area and surrounding operations are well managed and planned.

During the past few years, several of the hospitals doctors have returned to Kyeshero after finishing their residencies at different African university hospitals. The local team of doctors and other staff are doing an impressive job in all departments at the hospital.

Hope in Action has their national office in the hospitals administrative section and are part of the board together with the church network CEPAC. CEPAC is also the formal head of the hospital.

The highly appreciated services at the hospital will continue to operate, the vision is to develop a long-term financially sustainable operation that patients are able to pay low fees for. But even a low fee can be difficult to pay for some, however, no one should be rejected. Therefore, we have established a fund called the “Cache Sociale” where we offer the possibility to donate to a patient fees.


During 2019 the hospital has had visits from representatives from the Swedish organisation Läkarmissionen. After those visits, a decision was made to contribute with a large sum of money dedicated to the surgeries of poor women subjected to violence.

Find out how to donate money and become a member of Hope In Action LINK.

Translated from Swedish by Frida Jonasson